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Adidas and Major League Soccer Unveil Tech-Inspired Jerseys

Adidas and Major League Soccer have come together to unveil their latest lineup of soccer jerseys for the upcoming season. Inspired by the prevalence of technology, the newest designs encompass a digital, glitch-like aesthetic. With an aim to intersect sports and culture, the uniforms are designed to seamlessly transition from the stadium to the street, made for not just players and sports fans, but the broader community as well.

“MLS fans are different from any other league – millennial, multicultural and inclusive – and they continue to be an authentic representation of a new way to experience the world’s game – both in the way they express themselves through fashion in the stadium and in their everyday lives,” stated Rachel Leber, VP of Consumer Products at Major League Soccer.

The team jerseys, ranging from Toronto, to Portland, to Atlanta, all represent a unique aspect of the city and are available now at the MLS website and specialty retailers across the country.

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