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A Close Look at Jayson Tatum’s INSANE Kicks Collection

Tatum said during a GQ interview that he has collected so many sneakers, at this point he can only wear a fraction of them.

Limited edition and custom kicks have become ingrained in basketball culture. Signature shoes are more popular than ever, and the buyers are demanding more supply. Sneaker heads like Jayson Tatum have kept up with the kicks market for years, consistently copping the hottest releases.

During the GQ interview, Tatum was quoted stating he has about “100-150” pairs of shoes.

His collection consists an array of kicks from Foamposites, to Kyrie 4s, Christian Louboutin’s, and Air Force 1s.

Some of Tatum’s sneakers have a special story behind them, making the kicks that much more valuable. Some of the pairs we list are extremely rare; of course, a high profiled NBA players like JT come across these kicks more often than the rest of us. And, Jayson Tatum owns what he considers to be the best Air Jordan shoe of all time.

Let’s take a close look at Jayson Tatum’s favorite kicks.

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