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10 Reasons Why Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose Should be All Stars

Several years ago, this headline would never have been a thought.

D-Rose and D-Wade were lighting up the league as two of the top 5 players NBA players. Dwyane Wade was a previous scoring leader, Finals MVP, and a 3-time NBA Champion and Rose was the youngest MVP in NBA history. While both Wade and Rose aren’t currently carrying their teams to finals contention and putting up absurd scoring numbers, their impact on todays’ game is undeniable.

Fans are demonstrating how inspired and compelled they are to support the basketball legends by voting them both in the top 2 for starting guards in this year’s All-Star game.

In Wades case, this will be the last opportunity we have to see him play on a stage of this caliber. For Rose, an All-Star appearance will help cement his season as one of the most riveting and heartfelt comeback stories in sports, ever.

But that’s not only why they should be voted…

Putting any bias aside, the team at Playmaker HQ came together to bring you facts, statistics, and reason to back our rhetoric. If you haven’t voted already, allow this to be your friendly wake up call.

Starting with Derrick Rose, here are 5 reasons, each, why both D-Rose and D-Wade need to be All-Stars this season.

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