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10 Ideal Trades for Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis officially requested to be traded from the New Orleans Pelicans…


Who hasn’t been waiting for this moment? An Anthony Davis trade is a ticking time bomb waiting to erupt, and we, the fans, can hardly wait any longer.

Currently recognized as a Top 5 NBA player; landing AD is now a priority for many NBA teams. Davis adds elite scoring, rebounding, defense, and playmaking to any roster.

The thought of an AD blockbuster trade has been common in fan speculation since the start of the season, and now its a sweet reality. This breaking news has made this NBA season even more interesting than it already was.

Our condolences to New Orleans for having one of the worst sports weeks in city history, but its nice to see Davis’ supreme talent will no longer be wasted with the Pelicans. Anthony Davis’ stock is higher than ever, therefore the Pelicans will request organizations to give them everything, and the kitchen sink. For most teams, over paying for the big man would be worth it.

Contenders such as the Celtics and Lakers are regularly thrown into these trade conversations; it’s no secret that LeBron is in love with the idea of getting AD to LA. Maybe Toronto will continue to roll the dice and add another card to a stacked deck.

After playing around with the numbers and analyzing the probability of many scenarios, we have determined and listed 10 ideal trades for Anthony Davis, theoretically before the deadline this season.

Let’s take a look at Davis’ potential landing spots, starting with the New York Knicks.

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