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20 Things You Don’t Know About Dwyane Wade

As the playing career of an all-time great is coming to an end, we are taking this opportunity to reflect on the life and accomplishments of the man, the myth, the legend, Dwyane Wade.

We all know Dwyane the 3-time Champion, the Finals MVP, the Scoring Champion, the 13x All-Star, the far superior basketball player than Paul Pierce, but not everyone knows him or his story.

While becoming the key piece that transcended the Miami Heat into a Championship organization, Dwyane Wade transcended his family and himself to a life of luxury and freedom.

Like many people in our country, Dwyane Wade grew up in a violent and drug-ridden neighborhood. His childhood wasn’t easy, but perhaps it shaped Dwyane into the man he is today.

What Dwyane has been able to create off the court has been just as remarkable as what he has achieved on the court.

As we savor the next few days of Wades last regular season, we acknowledge him for his greatness, and now, unveil a side of him you never knew; a side that’s honorable, unique, and surprisingly funny.

Let’s look at 20 things you probably never knew about Dwyane Wade, starting with a generous donation he made his rookie year.

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