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10 Ideal Teams to Sign Kareem Hunt

After being released by the Kansas City Chiefs in late November, multiple teams have expressed interest in Kareem Hunt according to ESPN.

Hunts return to the NFL is awfully quick, considering Ray Rice hasn’t seen a contract offer since brutally striking his Fiancée in the elevator with a left hook and knocking her out. If Rice only had Hunts talent, maybe his career would have been saved.

Nevertheless, Kareem Hunt was flat out wrong, and its mind boggling that he couldn’t learn from Ray Rices’ mistake in the first place. Regardless of how gifted an athlete he is, Kareem Hunt is lucky to be given a second opportunity this soon after shoving and kicking a girl in a hotel hallway.

The Chiefs could have been one break away run by Kareem from a Super Bowl appearance, instead the running back missed the postseason and will likely contemplate many offers this off-season before signing a new contract.

The domestic violence is inexcusable, but whether we like it or not, in the end of the day the NFL is a business, and Kareem Hunt is one of the best rushers in the game.

Teams like the Chicago Bears have been publicly expressed their interest in Kareem Hunt, while others are keeping their intentions under the radar. Some teams that are considering making an offer will surprise you…

Let’s look at the 10 teams likely to pursue Kareem Hunt, starting with the Philadelphia Eagles.


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